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Improving isotopic identification with INDRA Silicon–CsI(Tl) telescopes

O. Lopez et al

NIM A, Volume 884, 11 March 2018, Pages 140–149

Profiting from previous works done with the INDRA multidetector on the description of the light response L of the CsI(Tl ) crystals to different impinging nuclei, we propose an improved ΔE−L identification-calibration procedure for Silicon–Caesium Iodide (Si–CsI) telescopes, namely an Advanced Mass Estimate (AME) method. AME is compared to the usual, simple visual analysis of the corresponding two-dimensional map of ΔE−E type, by using INDRA experimental data from nuclear reactions induced by heavy ions in the Fermi energy regime. We show that the capability of such telescopes to identify both the atomic Z and the mass A numbers of light and heavy reaction products, can be quantitatively improved thanks to the proposed approach. This conclusion opens new possibilities to use INDRA for studying these reactions especially with radioactive beams. Indeed, the determination of the mass for charged reaction products becomes of paramount importance to shed light on the role of the isospin degree of freedom in the nuclear equation of state.

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