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Measurements of sideward flow around the balance energy.

D. Cussol et al

PHYSICAL REVIEW C, VOLUME 65, 044604 (2002)

Preprint on arXiv

Sideward flow values have been determined with the INDRA multidetector for Ar+Ni, Ni+Ni, and Xe+Sn systems studied at GANIL in the 30A to 100A MeV incident energy range. The balance energies found for Ar+Ni and Ni+Ni systems are in agreement with previous experimental results and theoretical calculations. Negative sideward flow values have been measured. The possible origins of such negative values are discussed. They could result from a more important contribution of evaporated particles with respect to the contribution of promptly emitted particles at midrapidity. But effects induced by the methods used to reconstruct the reaction plane cannot be totally excluded. Complete tests of these methods are presented and the origins of the "autocorrelation" effect have been traced back. For heavy fragments, the observed negative flow values seem to be mainly due to the reaction plane reconstruction methods. For light charged particles, these negative values could result from the dynamics of the collisions and from the reaction plane reconstruction methods as well. These effects have to be taken into account when comparisons with theoretical calculations are done.